Friday, October 03, 2008

If We Waited For Perfect Weather South Dakota, we wouldn't ride much. Tomorrows ride (Bunyan's to Bob's) leaves at ll:00. Wind will make it challenging for some. More uphill than down, against the wind on the way out. FLYING on the way home. Looks like beautiful temperatures for the ride though! The optimistic side of this: It's supposed to rain most of next week, starting Sunday.

Without further ado, the weather:

Believe it or not, the wind will be lighter than our spring version of B2B where the winds were sustained in the mid-20's with gusts over 30...on the way home of course.


CDV said...

enough bombers and a person might not even notice the wind

Anonymous said...

Nah, there isn't enough bombers to negate the wind, while still actually riding in it!