Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Last After Work Ride of the Year

As CDV and I rolled into town at a mere 6:00 tonight and it was already pretty dark, we came to the conclusion that with Daylight Savings Time starting Sunday, this was it for our after work out of town rides.

There is more than a little depression that sets in with that admission. I would much rather wake up in the dark than to come home in it. Although I will still do my share of outside riding, and although there will be boundless amounts of taunting from Mr. Bite, it is time to set up the indoor trainer. Last year I did very little beyond Cycling Classes in the dome, but I'm doing it for two reasons this year:

1. Motivation for Mrs. Biking Brady to get on the trainer and be stronger when spring comes around.

2. Gut Check Training. I feel one of my main advantages was the ability to stay very consistent with my training for almost a year before the Gut Check '07. I really am not sure I would have made it if I hadn't had very consistent off season base on the trainer. Was the immense amount of miles I put on the trainer torture that year? Yes, undoubtedly. Was it worth it to finish the Gut Check? More than you can imagine. Now it's time to allow CDV to have that feeling in '09.

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Tez said...

BUMMER....I hate the time change also......UGH!