Friday, October 17, 2008

Next Up: Schnoctobeerfest

I'm taking four hours of annual leave today so I can get to Fremont, NE and relax with the Mrs. and possibly meet up with eDLoNNie and eDBiLLy for early libations. eDLoNNie also told me to bring the Motobecane so he turn it into a sensible gear ratio so I can ride it. Everybody seems to find fault in the 52x13 gear ratio. I wonder why?

Next post will probably be post Schnoctobeerfest. Sounds like it may be a smaller than usual crowd this year as many of the regulars are unable to make the trip. I know that thE_kErnEl, b-BiLLy, and eDDiRK will be there so it will be nice to catch up with them too.

Ride BiLLy's Ride, upon your mystery ships. Isn't that right buh buh b-BiLLy and the Jetsssssssssssssss?

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