Monday, October 06, 2008

Commuting Bag Transitions

My Pedro's Backpack is still in decent shape, but I had a good buy on a Timbuk2 Messenger Bag so I snagged it. This is against Mrs. Biking Brady's wishes might I add. She thinks that it will be harder on my back than a backpack.

Today was my first day using it and I have to say that I'm mighty impressed so far. The one thing that always bugged me about the backpack was that when it was full I had trouble getting my neck completely up to look around when it was full. That is not a problem with the Timbuk2 bag. I had a change of clothes (rain gear), a replacement motherboard, and a six pack of 24 oz Diet Pepsi bottles in it and I still had room. As Laura puts it: "You could haul around a 2 year old child in that thing". Maybe her tune is changing about my Timbuk2 bag!


Snakebite said...

Put a rack on the back with one of the slide-on-slide-off bags. They hold a lot of shit and work quite nicely.

bikingbrady said...

I have a slide off rack mount on the tandem. I have the trail-a-bike mount on the back of the commuter bike so there isn't space. I agree that there is a ton of space with those though!

Tez said...

I have a Timbuk 2 and really like it but find that it swings to the side sometimes unless you have it cinched up close to your body.

Not sure what Minus car uses but you could put a 4 year old child in his messenger bag!