Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Am NOT a Babysitter to My Children

It's been awhile since I've had to post on a pet peeve, so it's about time.

My wife and her mother went to see my nephew in a national piano competition in Denver, Colorado this weekend (good luck Nicholas!) so I am in charge of the three precious little angels that contain substantial portions of my DNA.

Last night we went to the PTA Carnival at the high school, which is a fund raiser for the PTA and a fun night for the children. Once that some knew Laura was gone for the weekend, I had more than one person comment, "So you get to babysit for the weekend, huh?".

I don't "babysit" my children. I'm a Dad. It comes with the territory. If you are a Dad and you "babysit" your children, you are not a real Dad in my humble opinion.

Being a Dad is a commitment to:
* Play with your children
* Teach them right from wrong
* Help them with their spiritual growth
* Prepare them for the future
* Discipline when necessary
* Being a mentor
* Showing them respect and expecting the same

Sure the list goes on. Being a Dad is a never ending learning experience. It's a growing process. It should never be seen as babysitting however. It should be a partnership with your children.

What do I say when somebody asks me if I'm babysitting my children? I say "No, I'm being a Dad to my kids". Usually with a look of stupor, they walk away, hopefully realizing the err of their big mouth.

Now if you'll excuse me, Dad is being paged by his children. We have a weekend to experience together.


DIRK said...

Well said, DAD !

Anonymous said...

Real dads kick *ss.

Cap'n said...

Even though I'm not a dad, I agree completely. And I'm sick and tired of seeing dad's portraited on commmercials as not knowing what to do for their kids' care.