Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Safe Routes To School - PTA Meeting

Continuing my speaking circuit which has included a speech to the school board and discussions with city hall, I will be talking the the local PTA tonight about the benefits of the Safe Routes to School Program tonight. I think this will be by far my most receptive group, but I am well prepared nonetheless.

One thing that stuck with me from Gary Sjoquist's from Bikes Belong speech at the South Dakota Bike Summit was that the more advocacy you do, the less riding you do. That is proving to be quite prophetic as I find my mind thinking about what needs to be done to get others involved with my advocacy efforts and much as I think about riding now.

On another note about Safe Routes to School and overcommitment, I am probably going to be doing a great deal of the writing of the grant. Lord help me there as I've never actually written a grant. I'm hoping to call in some favors helping me out with it. I only have a month or so to accomplish all this!

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