Friday, April 11, 2008

A Safe Routes To School Dream

If I could fall asleep and dream about what I would like to see from a Safe Routes To School program, it would look like the following video. Notice the wonderful bike lanes and the bike traffic! Also notice the bike racks about about :50 into the video. Brings a tear to my eye.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Back when I lived in Verm, there was a big battle between some of the staff/faculty who lived out of town and had to commute, with the students (frat houses right there by Dakota Hall-English Dept) whereas the students drove three blocks (or less)to their classes and parked--often leaving their cars for days. The Faculty guys I knew were issued ticket after ticket by parking and security at USD--and they refused to pay the tickets--and called the security staff a bunch of goons. It was quite a big mess and eventually those faculty members (some big names in the Anthro Dept) left when the provost of something like that threatened to with hold there wages, or some ridiculous thing like that. It was reported that most of the students lived less than a mile from campus and drove in to class.

Of course I biked everywhere, in all kinds of weather--sidewalks and streets were always plowed--never used my car at all.

I mean, a traffic jam in Vermillion? Are you kidding?

bikingbrady said...

Bruce, you'd be hard pressed to live more than a mile from campus as a student. I live by the high school and it's only .93 miles to Julian Hall (far side of campus).