Sunday, April 20, 2008

LBL 2008 Wrap-up

The journey started Friday night when I was picked up at the interstate by B-BiLLy and Dirk. In the self-appointed "Bike Box" was the MuSCLe, Snakebite, and the kErnEl. We trekked to Fremont, NE where we met up with eDLoNNie at the Windmill cafe for a bite before crashing at the lake house.

After driving to eDLoNNie's house in Lincoln on Saturday morning we met up with eDBiLLy and two more inductees into the BiLLy's - K-20 and K-40. After an awesome egg bake and an equally awesome New Glarus Hearty Hop I.P.A. we hit the bike paths of Lincoln where we came across the greatest single sight of the day which Dirk amazingly took a picture of on the fly.

We went to Spilker's brewery in Cortland, NE to get a tour and sample Foggen Lager and Hopluia (and sample, and sample). I picked up a sixer of Hopluia and shared one with a hopeful future BiLLy in CDV today so he didn't feel totally left out.

The day itself couldn't have been much better as it was around 70 degrees and the winds were 10 or under most of the day. Friends old and new turned this into a great time. To prove we actually DID ride, I give the following evidence from my Garmin. Unfortunately they started rolling before my Garmin finished getting it's signal and I didn't turn it on so I missed the first 10 miles or so.

And check the weather!

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