Monday, April 28, 2008

The Weekend That Was

With Laura gone this weekend, many chores were completed around the house. I'm pretty sure that the kids will beg her never to leave again. Considering that my youngest was not feeling good yesterday and was pretty clingy, we got quite a bit done.

The "done" list:
* clean up and vacuum bedrooms (no small task, even for Mom & Dad's room)
* six loads of laundry, including bedding (5 folded and put away)
* pick up and vacuum living room
* took/picked up Austin from a "Heros" event that he went to.
* pick up, vacuum, and mop kitchen (scooba doo performed most of the mopping)
* visited with my Mom who came down for a funeral
* give the dog a bath
* washed pots/pans from the weekend and ran the dishwasher.
* all trash has been removed from the house.
* rebuilt a computer with Austin - replace bad hard drive and set up Windows XP from scratch. Yeah, I could have done a ghost of it, but I wanted him to appreciate the full experience. Since I image most computers nowadays, it never occurred to me that there were WELL over 100 updates since XP came out.
* watched a couple movies with the kids as a reward for their work.
* ripped a few CD's that my Mother-in-law dropped off so I can make a mixed CD of certain songs she has (sorry RIAA, she owns them all, no need to call in the hounds)
* played a little saxophone with Austin
* all kids homework complete
* answered the question from Marissa "what are we going to have for __________ (lunch, dinner, supper, snack)" approximately 50 times over 2.5 days.

On the bright side, Laura shouldn't have much to worry about for housework for a couple days. I try to NOT be the man who, along with his children, destroy a house the weekend Mom leaves.


Anonymous said...

You and your "young posse" are cordially invited to the Mayors house for a spring cleaning party! I will have the grill going continuosly, so no worrying about what/when for eats!

Whadya say?


Anonymous said...

Kevin, it's good to "see" you online. I see you found my project -- South Dakota 123. Glad to have you as a user and I hope you will vote and comment when you can. I submitted your blog to the blog directory, so you may want to vote for that...


Ben Hanten