Monday, April 14, 2008

Safe Routes To School - Phase One Complete

I spoke to the School Board tonight and it went very well. I was a bit nervous as I seen a couple extra people there that made me think I might be walking into a bit of a trap. The bright side was that I went in very prepared and really kept my talking points short but well researched.

Apparently I headed off most questions as there were very few follow up questions. Of course, it helped take off the edge when I volunteered to be the point for the project.

Next phase, talk to the City folks. The School Board would like the City to take the lead in the financial/grant portion. I've already had a few probing calls to the City and they seemed pretty favorable.

The ball is rolling. I'm going to need more and more buy-ins from people/groups, so if you are here in Vermillion and reading this, I'll be needing you. Don't hide. I'll find you. It'll be easier on all of you if you just volunteer.

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