Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Up In Smoke - NO April Fools

Many of you who follow my blog know that I sold my car not that long ago in this post HERE. I did it by posting that I had a car up for sale and friends from Tea, SD actually purchased it. They gave me a down payment and off went the car.

I got the title together and was going to send it to them, but then the crazy week happened in my life and I just didn't get it done.

Then I received an email on April 2. It was my friend who bought the car saying that she was going to email me the day before (April Fool's Day) but didn't think I'd believe what she had to tell me. It seems her husband was at the grocery store on April 1 and turned the car over and it popped and was a little hesitant to start. He tried it again and there was another pop followed by flames. Yup, my car old car went up in flames in the grocery store parking lot.

We worked it out between us and it's all behind us now. We are still friends even (and still read my humble blog). She is right too...I would have been hard pressed to believe her if she had sent me that email on April 1st. It was hard enough on the 2nd! My oldest brother, who's a mechanic, is also off the hook having to fix a different issue with the car as it's been totaled out by the insurance company.

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