Saturday, April 05, 2008

When Bikes Attack and Other Short Stories

Last night CDV and I got out on the Tandem and got in a nice 31 miler after work. We had a planned ride today posted to the group so I decided to clean up/tune up the road bike this morning and swap my pedals out to my new Crank Brothers Quattro Pro SL pedals.

That's when it all went wrong. My Look Keo pedals had probably been on my bike the better part of 10-13,000 miles and didn't really appreciate the thought of being separated. I tried gentle persuasion. They resisted. I tried a little more force and that's when it happened. The big ring attacked my hand. It snarled and barked and ripped my hand wide open. It bled pretty bad too. By the time I cleaned the wound enough to look at it, I knew I had better go have it looked at. I could see the tendon through the cut so I also knew it was not only wide, it was deep. I went into the Doctor's office at 10:30 and didn't get out until 12:30. Killer service. Yeah, that's sarcasm.

It didn't stop me from going on our planned group ride at 1:00, but I'm not going to kid you, my hand hurt pretty bad. Here is a picture of my three stitches:

The ride would prove brutal on the hand and the morale as we dealt with 25 mile per hour winds with stronger gusts. It was pretty violent but no matter what, it was GREAT to be out on the road! 30 miles of riding was a nice first group ride. Let the official riding season begin!


CDV said...

You get the brave soldier award for sure, I would have been at home having the kids bring me beer if I was in your shoes. It was great to get out even though the wind kicked our asses for the whole ride. Hope your hand feels better!

Unknown said...

What is the deal....the LaneHog had their quota of stitches last year. No more stitches are allowed this biking season! At least the need for stitches didn't happen as a result of an accident on the road, maybe things are looking up after all.
You definitely get the brave soldier award, and anyone else who rode against that south wind today deserves an award as well!

Anonymous said...

SSSSHHHHHH Cathy!!! We're not even supposed to MENTION last year!! No jiynxes! (sp?)

Good for you guys!! I didn't ride my bike, I did go for a 3 mile run and almost talked myself out of that!! Kudos for the bike ride! You guys rock!!

Anonymous said...

You da Man! I'm with CDV on this one. Glad you had to fortitude to crank on man. Was that wind intense or what?! What's more intense than the wind? The friends, and open road and warmth after such a long, miserable hiatus!!

SD_pedalpower said...

Stitches - Whatever happened to sucking the poison out and tuffing it out? Wait - wrong type of injury :)

Lindsey J said...