Friday, April 18, 2008

Initiation Into the BiLLy BRoTHeRHooD

In a couple short hours I'll be making my way down to Nebraska for my inaugural LBL (Lincoln-Beatrice (pronounced Bee-At-Risssssss)-Lincoln) ride. This is bound to be a memorable ride and I'm glad I don't have to miss it (sorry CDV...maybe next year).

I've been choked up and emotional about it all day, and then the CiTyBiLLy blog had to go and bring me to tears with the following picture of what awaits us.

I'm sorry...I have to go. I'm tearing up again.


Road Legs said...

So tell what you think of good old Beatrice since I was born and rised there I like to know what you think?

Anonymous said...

Heck, those beered up bicyclists probably won't even get to Beatrice!

Huh? Did ya?

bikingbrady said...

Oh but we did. Well, a truck stop two miles (?) from Beatrice. Beer-wise everybody was well behaved ;-). Report to follow.

Road Legs, I have been to Beee-at-rissss before. It seems to be a nice place to grow up.