Monday, January 14, 2008

2nd Annual Lane Hogs Serve The Welcome Table

Last year the Lane Hogs served The Welcome Table and served around a 100 meals going through four roasters full of chili. This year we added baked potatoes to the mix and served 168 people and ran out of food right at the end of the night. Next year we may have to ramp it up a bit and go for five roasters full of chili with more baked potatoes!

We had AWESOME help from the Lane Hogs Cycling Club along with some members of the core team from The Welcome Table. I *think* we had 15 Lane Hogs serving (maybe more) and so many of them made bars/cookies and others gave money (and some leftover chili from a certain New Year's Day Ride). We didn't collect quite as much money from the club as last year, so we didn't have any extra to donate to The Welcome Table, but we were not terrible short either.

It's a great community service for our club and I couldn't be prouder than when we serve this. Most people there were already talking about working it next year which was wonderful to hear. As one of our out of town Lane Hogs had on a note with their donation to the cause "GO LANE HOGS GO!".

List of Food for Preparation:
20 pounds of Hamburger
5 VERY large cans of Mrs. Grimes Chili Beans
4 VERY large cans of Chopped Tomatoes
1 VERY large can of mixed veggies (for the veggie Chili)
2+ containers of Chili Powder
1 Bag of Onions
5 Green Peppers
10 cans of Tomato Juice
8 Medium sized cans of Kidney Beans
22 Heads of Lettuce
11 bottles of Salad Dressing
9 Gallons of Milk
140 Potatoes
12 packages of stick margarine
4 big tubs of sour cream
6 pounds of shredded cheese
5 boxes of saltine crackers
COUNTLESS goodies made for desert by various members!

I'm sure I'm missing something from my list of ingredients, but it definitely wasn't rocket science chili, it was pretty basic, but it went over well!

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Snakebite said...

Way to go, L-Hogs!!!