Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three Day Weekends

The beauty of working for the State: Every holiday known to man is yours creating many three day weekends. Which this weekend was a great thing as half of it was over before I knew what happened. Working the track meet Friday night and Saturday until 5:00 and after ate up a good chunk early.

The rest of the night was spent putting the finishing touches on a sermon as I had to give the sermon in both Gayville and Vermillion today. Of course the rest of the day will be spent watching football (along with doing many loads of laundry -- my nervous energy). The Patriots didn't look great, but it does look like they are on their way to the Superbowl.

I'm not sure that I really care about the second game, other than it might be fun to have the Patriots/Packers in a rematch of Superbowl XXXI. Of course I'll be hoping for a better outcome this year! I'm trying to work out a deal with Craig D. that if the Patriots beat the Packers, he has to start blogging. We need a different view of cycling in Vermillion other than just mine! I was thinking about a more embarrassing bet, but this bet might have to do. I haven't heard from Craig what would happen if by some totally obscure chance that the Patriots would lose the Superbowl, but I'm not all that worried at this point.

In other noise, I'm going to break down and get back on the trainer indoors a little for a few weeks. The mileage I'm getting in town and spinning in the dome just isn't cutting it for training right now. Time to refocus and get serious about cycling again.


The Designer's Prospective said...

what type of trainer do you have? i want to get one but after reading so many reviews, i'm more confused than when i started.

Snakebite said...

My trainer is called a "bike" and I ride it outside almost every day. I can't get past the thought of riding a trainer less even bringing myself to get on one. Kind of like treadmills. I don't do hamster wheels and there's so much world to see.

I would like to see some helmet cam footage on youtube, though. Maybe with cameo Roomba action.

Phil said...

So - how did the sermons go? Two in one day is ambitious for someone not doing it for a living.

bikingbrady said...

Trek Rider: I have an old Giant Trainer that's really simple and I have a "nicer" Minoura trainer with tension control but to be honest, isn't my favorite because I'd rather just shift than to deal with that. I picked up a set of rollers from a friend today and I'm going to give them a shot tonight yet.

Snake-bite-me...As you can probably tell, neither do I....but it helps me leave you in the dust on's on!

Phil...don't get too excited. I gave the same sermon twice :-)