Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Even More Minutes of Fame

Snakebite is solidifying his legend in Sioux Falls. He is working on borrowed time with his 15 minutes of fame, but it is all for the good of bicycling. Keep riding dude!

Weather is sometimes a big factor when deciding entertainment.
There's picnicking in the spring, swimming in the summer, and hiking in the fall.
But winter weather offers fewer options, unless you're Chris Pierson.

By Erica Johnson

Winter is not usually the most enjoyable season to be outside for some people, but for one Sioux Falls man, it provides a challenge.
Chris Pierson says, "I like to be pushed.”
So Pierson dedicates 2 hours a day to his passion, but not from the comfort of a heated gym.
Pierson says, "I bike 6 miles to work and 6 miles home and it's the best part of my day.”
That's 240 miles a month, and even on days like today, he bikes.
Pierson says, "You ride a little slower, start a little sooner.”
And he bikes because that's the only way he has to get around.
Pierson says, "I wonder people's perception of me. Oh there's a DWI guy, he doesn't have his license, hahahaha.”
Pierson wanted to try something new, so in September he sold his car.
Chad Pickard says, "Chris is one of those guys who likes to do a lot of stuff himself.”
Chad Pickard is a friend of Pierson and says not only does Chris own six bikes, he builds them himself from the wheels up.
Pickard says, "It's always good to see Chris because he's a real nice guy, real happy guy, really excited about biking so he gets people involved.”
And Pierson says the Sioux Falls drivers don't seem to mind his presence on the road, even in a snow storm.
Pierson says, "I can maybe count on one hand the number of times people have honked or yelled at me.”
One challenge a bike carries is grocery shopping, but Pierson's got it covered. He just packs up his goods in a big bag and peddles home.”
Pierson says the future may hold a new bike made just for hauling groceries so he doesn't have to make so many trips, but for now he doesn't mind.
And he'll likely stick to his bike for a while.
Pierson says, "Oh yeah, forever, yeah, keeps me healthy. There's really no reason not to.”
What started out as a challenge for one man has now evolved into a lifestyle.
Pierson says it's not the snow that's the toughest weather to ride in, but the fog.
He's had to catch a ride twice because he was worried cars wouldn't see him.

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