Friday, January 25, 2008

Gutcheck '08 News and New Website

Josh Ellis is hard at work planning for the Hwy 212 Gut Check race August 15-17. A new website is up at:

You will notice some new categories. One I asked him about earlier as Craig D and I are considering this: A Tandem division! Now let me tell you, you have to be good friends to do this, as that is quite a few hours to be with somebody on a bike! Josh puts it perfectly on the website:

Tandem: You can complete any of the above divisions on a tandem. Misery loves company. Indeed.

Probably the craziest addition is the "To Hell and Back" which is actually completing the 412 miles and then turning around and going the other way. Being the nice guy he is, Josh will allow you another 48 hours to complete this task. That's right folks: 824 miles in 96 hours. As a team, MAYBE. As an individual I suggested to Josh that all riders who even sign up for this receive a mandatory psychological evaluation. Heck, I thought I needed one for doing the Gut Check itself!

Start training now! Join in on the fun!

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