Monday, January 28, 2008

Handlebar Mitts, Studs, and Weather

They're here! They're here! I don't know why I'm excited other than any accessory for cycling is fun to get. I'd been looking for some sort of handlebar mitts and thanks to a post/cheap shopping tip on MnBicycleCommuter I now have an extremely ugly pair of mitts (camo) from a VERY unorganized Cabela's (ordered online, had shipped to the store for pickup, store had them in inventory and they shipped to the store anyway...hmmmm). Anyhow, they do feel warm and should allow me to wear a much lighter glove underneath. I picked them up cheap ($14.95) and really wanted them in black, but they were $5 more in black. Can't figure that one out. Apparently even the hunters wouldn't buy the camo mitts. Anyhow, here they are in all their glory:

ALSO: For my wife's Uncle that lives in Tuscon, AZ, but formerly of Spearfish, here is a picture for your buddies who don't understand the cold up here. As requested, here is a picture of not only the handlebar mitts, but the studded snow tires. You're welcome.

The weather has been just insane. Last Thursday, as reported, I rode to work in -21 degree temps. This Sunday I rode outside in 40 degree temps as was the case today. Tonight "the front" hit. The winds are out of the NW at 31 currently and the temps are starting to fall. Still 38 now, but tomorrows high is supposed to be 10. You do the math. Wind chill at 10 degrees with NW winds at 32. I don't WANT to do the math. It will be a good test for the handlebar mitts!

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