Thursday, January 03, 2008

Icy Windshields

Imagine this coming at you while on a bike:

Yesterday I had to work in Sioux Falls again so I biked out to fleet to get a car to drive up there. It was a balmy 0 (ZERO) degrees when I left my house so I was pretty bundled up. The number of car windshields that looked similar to the above photo were shocking.

I may not be the greatest morning person in the world, but I don't have to get up and make sure my car is scraped off and warmed up. My "car" has a great unobstructed view. So many cars had one little square (sort of) cleared off so they could (kind of) see. Others had their heads tilted so that they could see through a small open patch. I just wanted to scream "Get off yer lazy butts and scrape your window!!".

"But Bikingbrady, it's cold out!". I understand that as I'm on my BIKE. Lazy, overweight, in a rush, have to get the kids to school, I don't care WHAT your excuse is: MAKE TIME TO CLEAN YOUR WINDSHIELD!!!

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