Saturday, January 05, 2008

Carson Goes Bowling

Laura, Austin, and Marissa all went with Laura's Mom today to take our nephew home (meet 1/2 way anyhow) so Carson and I were bachelors today. We made the most of Daddy/Son time.

After getting a few things done around the house we went out to lunch. Given his choice of any food, any place, I was a little amazed that he chose Hy-Vee Chinese, even after I offered up McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Johns, and Pizza Hut.

After lunch at Hy-Vee I went over to check if the bowling alley would set up the bumpers and they were more than happy to. I figured that Carson's Uncle Scott (my brother) would be proud that I am exposing his nephew to bowling. This same brother sports more bowling balls than I do bikes---by a long shot. Carson was mildly entertained, but one game was about all that interested him. How did I do? Well, it's been roughly five years since I've bowled and I always joke that it doesn't matter the layoff, I always bowl about 130. With a spare and a strike in the 10th frame, I got a 140. Carson...well...with *generous* scoring, he had an 86. A good rookie debut.

The unique approach of a 4.5 year old.

Admiring his shot.

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Tez said...

Were you bowling on the bumper lane also to get a score like that?...hahaha