Friday, January 04, 2008

My Two Daughters

I pulled a prank on a lady who works with me last year. I showed her a picture of my niece and my daughter, who look amazingly alike, and told her that it was my two daughters with the oldest being from my first marriage. She didn't say anything until I left the room and then the rumor mill was flying. Problem was, I forgot to straighten out the rumor for awhile and I think it spread a little before I told her the truth.

I had somewhat forgotten about the prank until I received some pictures from my Sister-in-law with a picture of Marissa and Molly together. Think they could pass for sisters?

By the way, I only have ONE daughter and only been married once!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

HA HA! You know how it goes, you will NEVER be able to squash that rumor, which you started yourself. Just go with it, Add that the first was some supermodel ubducted by aliens or something.

The girls do look like sisters!